Kitten Reservation


Terms and conditions kitten in Breeding Catsparadise * PL


We have extensive experience in odchowywaniu small cats and Siberian British always try to make our babies were perfectly prepared to change your home and family life of the people.

Price for a kitten "on the elbow" or for the purpose of kastarcji / sterilization - NO RIGHT TO AND REPRODUCTION HODOLWI is 400euro. The new owner will be required to castrated or sterilized your kitten within 6 months from the date of purchase kota.Dowód carry out this operation Buyer is obliged to send e-mail or by post to the address Hodowcy.Istnieje possibility that the kitten was castrated / sterilized already in Hodowli.Po pass vaccination and a series of odrobaczeń ie at 12 weeks of age can be made kstracji / sterilization on request of the new owner and then be added to the price for a kitten cost of treatment, ie 100euro. pzrypadku when the new owner In opting for a kitten after neutering / sterilization time receive baby estimate for 13-14 weeks depending on the rate of wound healing after surgery-New owner receives kitty fully zagojonego. Price kitten for the purpose of breeding and propagation is determined individually.


In order to book the selected kitten in our Kennel (of course after an earlier telephone contact or mail), the amount to be paid 300euro on my account: Catherine Węgorzewska mBank PL 

87 1140 2004 0000 3902 7907 7153


. In the transfer, please enter your name and the name of the reserved kitty. At the time the payment to my account selected kitten is reserved which is recorded on the Breeding in zakałdce "have kittens".

To the new owner by email regularly send pictures of growing kitten with a description of progress in development.

Date of receipt of the kitten may change if for example the vaccination selected kitten will have a reaction poszczepienny or how any other way to respond to vaccination or deworming - which of course has the right to wydażyć. , Then the time between szczepienieami to extend the acceptance period and baby decides veterinarian who takes care of our zwierzętami.Najważniejszą thing for us is to make sure that the little one at the time of receipt by the new owner was 100% healthy and protected by vaccination because moving to a new home and a change of scenery and separation from everything so far kitten knew and acknowledged for your home is a huge stress for baby and experience which is associated with a decrease in resistance so we try to make this difficult time a little one up to secure.


Please carefully reservations. Advance paid the purpose of your required kitty in case of cancellation of the reservation is not refundable.